Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save the items I have downloaded from exhibitor booths?

Go to your SWAG BAG and save it. Email it to yourself to see all of the items at your leisure.

How do I view the video in the Auditorium?

Please click auditorium from the Lobby and click the “Join” button" to see the 3-minute video.

How do I contact exhibitors to chat?

Please search for the booth name from search bar (if you know the booth) or find the right exhibit hall and scroll to find the booth. Once in the booth, click “chat.”

Will content be available after the event?

Content will be accessible for 30 days after the event. Booths will not be occupied by representatives, and the Points Game is complete on May 6th, but the content provide by exhibitors all will be available for download.

Are the Chatrooms monitored and safe?

Yes, the Virtual Event Company monitors the rooms for discriminatory comments or inappropriate questions and answers. All conversations via chat and chat video are recorded and monitored as well. Any unusual or inappropriate conversations will be immediately ended and the logged in person will be banned from the site.

For the points game, can I click on multiple locations more than once for points?

Most items you will get the points one time. But for visiting a booth or participating in a CHAT, you will get the point value each time you do the activity.  This counts for watching video’s and picking up the .pdf’s from each booth. There will be points added for every video and document you view or add to your SWAG BAG.  We hope you enjoy the game!

How do I claim my (or my classrooms) prize?

Prizes are ALL DIGITAL GIFT CERTIFICATES and will be emailed to the registration email address used by the ranked top 60 winners. If you are a winning ‘classroom’ of students, it will be up to the teacher to distribute the prize as they see fit. Hope you enjoy the game!

Will the Points Game and Leaderboard be available after May 6?

The game is ONLY ACTIVE during the event hours of 9:00am - 3:00pm on May 6, 2021. Hope you enjoy the game!

What are the banners in the lobby for?

The banners represent the Super-Supporters of the MICHIGAN Construction Career Days. They are our Sponsors and if you click on the logo on the banner, you will be directed to the most current industry information from that company’s business. Please feel free to check our industry partners!

How do I book a CHAT with a booth representative between 11:00am & 1:00pm?

Visit the representatives booth and request a scheduled chat. They will book it for you from there.

Exhibitor: Why can’t I see my chat or other information?

Try to refresh the page. If you are still having issues, please go the Information Desk & click on the main banner for technical support.

Teacher/Counselor: How do I get my 1 Hour Career SCECH?

The Google Form Link for Teachers 1 Hour Career SCECH is located here:     If you have any questions, please contact or